Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Frank Duveneck (1848 – 1919)

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Frank Duveneck

Following on from Tai-Shan Schierenberg and his compelling brush work is another master and virtuoso with the brush Frank Duveneck who was a celebrated American artist in his day but has now dropped into obscurity.
Venetian Fruit Market

This study of heads and hands done in 1879 is now in the Cincinnati Art Museum the city were he taught.

The following details illustrates his brushwork well, we can see how he painted across the form rather than with it as I tend to do.

Also worth noting is his use of saturated and desaturated colours.

Most of his paintings tended to be low key with a close value range.

Keeping it simple and not fussing is one lesson from these paintings.

Although he could do the more refined painting popular during his time.
Girl with Rake


Thomas Haskett said...

Excellent 'rediscovery' Dave. How did you come across Duveneck? Love the brushwork in the studies.

You're portraits are excellent, really like the 'new' ones

Tina Collins said...

Thanks for the intro Dave, its rather a shame he is not well known because as you say that brushwork is superb. Definately something to aspire to.

Journeyman said...

Hi Tom, don’t know if you have visited the Museum Syndicate? That’s were I found Duveneck, it’s a great resource, over 66 thousand paintings and photos and 11thousand artists! It’s searchable by Artist, Country or Museum. It’s were I go to relax, I even play the Jigsaw game :)

Journeyman said...

That’s what I thought Tina, apparently he was very popular as a teacher in Italy and Germany before returning to the States.

Susan said...

Love seeing his masterful brushwork - many thanks for finding him and letting us know about him.

Journeyman said...

Hi Susan, your own brushwork is something to admire as well :)

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